Anion Air purifier

 Model : "S0245-POP-XX " series    


"S0245-POP-XX" was developed for your room air purification

 Advertisement with LED lighting for indoor usage all day.

  Picture frame type self standing air purifier on desk.                               

  Semi permanent operating life by LED light.                                               

  No excessive Ozone 

Dimension & Weight :

     S0245-POP-A3: 452x324x20mm, 1200grs      

     S0245-POP-A6: 230x175x18mm, 350grs                              


 Anion Air Purifier in Compact size


"S0245-PL" Plug in type Anion Air Purifier for home & office

Plug in directly on power socket in bed room.   

  No excessive Ozone

 Dimension & Weight : 95x55x17mm, 80gr


    "S0245-C" Plug in Cigar Jack in Car

  Compact, strong anion generating performance.

  Free volt of DC 12V ~ 24V for all vehicles. 

Dimension & Weight : 75x55x30mm, 90gr


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