Energy Saving & Ecology Paint


Radiant Heat Exchanging Layer                    

The membrane of ESPAINTTM (Energy Saving Paint) on surface of basis provides the comfort environment, reduces air conditioning requirements and also reduces reflecting radiant heat to neighborhood.

ESPAINTTM is a unique material which is developed for actual insulation of the radiant heat on surface of basis in summer by consuming the radiant heat. The membrane of ESPAINTTM on surface of basis performs as a heat converter which does not reflect the radiant heat dropping from sun but store instantly and works for consuming the radiant heat absorbed by exchange it to particle’s vibration. This is our unique technology of this product.

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Outstanding Features

1.  No reflection of radiant heat from sun on surface.

2.  Sustain heat exchange for all day in summer.

3.  Switching temperature for heat exchanging function is 25oC

4.  No dirty on surface coated ESPAINTTM 

5.  Carbon offset product.

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1.    Save more energy by reducing cooling load in summer.

2.    Save more energy by reducing heating load in winter.

3.    Creates comfortable environment in summer by heat insulation.

4.    Gets Long endurance of structure by low temperature variation.

5.    Keeps clean building without dirty surface.

6.    Changes asphalt road & ground cool as lawn green.

7.    Prevent tropical night.

8.    Helps less investment for air conditioning system.

9.    Gets carbon credit with this paint.



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