"ENZYME"  Series

 l  Outstanding Features

● Improvement the Property of Human Body in Menopause of Male and Female.

● Enzyme Collect is help fat down and make slim line.

 l Products Models

    Enzyme Collect  Series; EC-450 & PEC-450               

     Enzyme Tablet Series; ETC-360 &ETZ-360                 

     Purun Life Enzyme Cereal; EF-3030                     


     KOREA RED INSAM (Ginseng) Food Series

The Effect of Korea Red Insam (Ginseng)                   1. Recover from one’s fatigue by invigoration of energy.

     2. Improve the circulation of blood and prevent anemia.                                        

     3. Regulating the blood pressure and curing the weakness of heart.

     4. Healing the diabetes and dissolve the thirst.     

     5. Make the stomach healthy and stop diarrhea.

     6. Protect the Liver and release the stress. 

     7. Make the Eye good and the Brain better with high faculty. 

     8. The skin change fine and the abscess is recovered. 

     9. Suppress the growth of cancer cell.

    10. Cure the sterility and women’s disorder.


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