Products Introduction


     "ENZYME"  Series

 l  Outstanding Features

● Improvement the Property of Human Body in Menopause of Male and Female.

● Enzyme Collect is help fat down and make slim line.

 l Products Models

    Enzyme Collect  Series; EC-450 & PEC-450               

     Enzyme Tablet Series; ETC-360 &ETZ-360                 

     Purun Life Enzyme Cereal; EF-3030                     


     KOREA RED INSAM (Ginseng) Food Series

The Effect of Korea Red Insam (Ginseng)                   1. Recover from one’s fatigue by invigoration of energy.

     2. Improve the circulation of blood and prevent anemia.                                        

     3. Regulating the blood pressure and curing the weakness of heart.

     4. Healing the diabetes and dissolve the thirst.     

     5. Make the stomach healthy and stop diarrhea.

     6. Protect the Liver and release the stress. 

     7. Make the Eye good and the Brain better with high faculty. 

     8. The skin change fine and the abscess is recovered. 

     9. Suppress the growth of cancer cell.

    10. Cure the sterility and women’s disorder.


   Please read " The story of Korea Red Insam (Ginseng)"


                        " Why Kumsan Red Insam (Ginseng)"     

 Anion Air Purifier "S0245 "  Series   

●  S0245-POP-xx : LED Display series

    "S0245-pop" was developed for quick advertisement of products.
     For religious people, display the aphorism.

      Air cleaning and deodorize in room


"S0245-PL" is Anion Air Purifier on socket.


"S0245-C" is Anion Air purifier inserting Cigar Jack in Car.


New Fuel making system

     Aqua Hybrid Fuel Making System : AHF-4800


  Model No.: AHF-4800                                                  go to new fuel page



     1. production capacity: 4800 liters per day

      2. Ingredient Analysis : 98.3% of total calorific value

Outstanding Features   

}50% reduction from raonsumption. }50% reduction of discharging CO2 and/or NOx.
 }25~30% reduction on Fuel cost (based on gas oil).
}Can reserve the fuel for more than 1 year.
}Can use currently working burners and boilers working as they are       with no adjustments.
}Corresponding to all type of oils such as heavy oil, gas oil, kerosene, and gasoline.
}Easy maintenance for long term operation.


LED Lamp Series

   Outstanding Features

       Energy Saving and economical saving

       Long Life :  40000hrs ~ 50000hrs

       No Environmentally hazardous substances

       No blinking and less UV rays

       Eye sight protection and comfortable lighting space

       Low heat emission make low fire risk, high cooling efficiency

       Easy installation with smaller size of dimension than existing lamp


  Guard Lamp: Substitute of  flood light         

  Model: 2 Models (60~80W)                      80W      60W

  Halo Spot Lamp: Substitute of Halogen Lamp               

  Model; 1 Model (3W)                                     3W

  Straight tube lamp             

  Model: 3 Models (10~45W)     ;      23W

  Down Light                                                 

  Models: 4 Models (6~20W)                       10W


 Energy Saving & Ecology Paint


Radiant Heat Exchanging Layer                    go to see catalog             

The membrane of ES-PAINTTM (Energy Saving Paint) on surface of basis provides the comfort environment, reduces air conditioning requirements and also reduces reflecting radiant heat to neighborhood.

ES-PAINTTM is a unique material which is developed for actual insulation of the radiant heat on surface of basis in summer by consuming the radiant heat. The membrane of ES-PAINTTM performs as a heat converter which does not reflect the radiant heat dropping from sun but store instantly and works for consuming the radiant heat absorbed by exchange it to particle’s vibration. This is our unique technology of this product.  Please see technical introduction of ES-PAINTTM.


Outstanding Features

1.  No reflection of radiant heat from sun on surface.

2.  Sustain heat exchange for all day in summer.

3.  Switching temperature for heat exchanging function is 25oC

4.  No dirty on surface coated ESPAINTTM 

5.  Carbon offset product.


1.    Saves more energy by reducing cooling load in summer.

2.    Saves more energy by reducing heating load in winter.

3.    Creates comfortable environment in summer by heat insulation.

4.    Gets Long endurance of structure by low temperature variation.

5.    Keeps clean building without dirty surface.

6.    Changes asphalt road & ground cool as lawn green.

7.    Prevent tropical night.

8.    Helps less investment for air conditioning system.

9.    Gets carbon credit with this paint.


 Wireless Audio/Video Transmitter

     i-MOHANI : Wireless  A/V transmitter  


        Audio/Video Transmitter   AVS -XX-Tx   

       Audio/Video Receiver       AVS -XX-Rx

  Bug Repelling CF type Lighting Lamp  

     "Safezone"  Series repelling Mosquitoes


       Functional lighting CF Lamp

        SZ-20Y : 20watt , yellow color


     "LAMPRO-C" Series Anti Cockroaches 

       Lmpro-C20  : 20W, Ordinary color CF Lamp


      Fuel Saver

 SEG-Saver”  in Subtle Energy Generator


   Our "SEG-Saver" saves fuel gas and also cleans exhaust gas for any kind of cars with Subtle Energy Generating Technology.


1.    Fuel mileage saving effect

  We offer you that this "SEG-Saver" will give you max. app. 8~30% of fuel saving effect for various model and ages of vehicles gradually in 3~4 months and also various additional effect for well being such as without electrostatic discharge in dry and cold weather (winter) and also electromagnetic wave hazards.

 2. Clean up the exhausting gas. (refer to test record below)

The exhaust gas ratio is so good comparing to LA4 mode standard for new car. This is most important effect for keeping green Earth. Now you will not be requested to install exhaust gas cleaner additionally which consume  5 % of fuel.


3. Exhaust Gas Cleaning Test with "SEG-Saver"

4. Models of products

      SEG-C3K for less 3,000cc engine (cars)
      SEG-C6K for less 6,000cc engine (big cars, Van, mini truck)
      SEG-C10K for less 10,000cc engine (Bus, Truck)
      SEG-C12K for less 12,000cc engine (big Bus, big Truck)
      SEG-C15k for less 15,000cc engine (heavy Bus, heavy vehicle)


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